Web Application Development

Vega Technologies have expert Team that’s develops web-based application services to meet modern standards of Internet and client requirements. High emphasis is paid on the user experience that’s includes modern designs and Mobile and tablet ready Applications. The user experience (inclusive of GUI) professional is clear and crisp and easy to handle. Our Web development services extend to third party plugin and tools implementations and maintenance services. We also help clients in Migration of Old sites to new Servers so that’s client need not to go into Technologies out of their expertise. We has extensive team of Developers for web design and software development skills, expertise and experience to establish your Presence.

Web Application is divided into four Phases:

Phase 1 – Discovery & Requirements Gathering
Phase 1 of this project is the requirements gathering phase in which we gather all data from Client needed for Project Development. This consists of determining and documenting the desired end-result functionality of the Web Application.
Phase 2 – Technical Requirements
Phase 2 of this project consists of building the technical requirements for the development phase these are discussed with Client and technical team. Based on your acceptance of the business requirements specified in Phase 1, the technical requirements document will serve as a blueprint for the development of the Web Application. This document will include the detailed design of the system and its architecture.
Phase 3 – Development
Phase 3 of this project consists of the development of the Web application. The effort required for this phase will be determined upon completion of Phase 2 (Technical Requirements) or may work in parallel with phase 2 till completion.
Phase 4 – Testing / Implementation
Phase 4 of this project consists of testing and implementation of the system. Vega Technologies LLC will provide technical testers and will address issues arising from end-user rigorous testing. Aim will be responsible for providing dedicated end-users to test the Web application’s functionality and verify performance and Client expectations.