20+ Crucial Things You Must Consider for SEO-Driven Website Designing

Website designing is an art not everyone is blessed with. It’s not just about making a website looks appealing and attractive, but a perfectly designed website can help you boost traffic, conversions, engagement and business revenue.

Many business people still consider an attractive web structure as a good example of website designing but this is the biggest mistake they usually make.

Let’s consider your website is good in looking but what if –

  • It doesn’t work properly with the mobile devices.
  • It doesn’t follow the SEO Practices properly and hence, doesn’t rank on search engines.
  • Your customers are trying to buy some product but they’re not able to proceed smoothly.

And many situations can occur with an appealing website but not good at functionality and SEO practices. If you truly wish to outstrip the competition and make a sustainable profit out of your website, do not make any such mistakes.

Here, in this blog, we’re sharing the list of Important things that everyone should consider while going to start a website designing project.

Let’s take a look at the checklists given below.

Website Designing Checklist for Your Business Web Structure

Read down the blog and get your website designing checklist ready –

Keep These Crucial Website Design Things in Mind

1.Instead of designing a website supported for desktop view only, make it responsive, so that it can run on any device and any platform.

2.Always use favicon resembling your brand in tabs.

3.Design a unique 404 page to navigate your users to other working pages of the website.

4.Avoid using carousels on homepage.

5.Try to use less sized images, java script and other functionality that can make your website heavy in size and reduce the loading speed.

6.Make sure that your website response to server quickly to prevent users hanging up in middle.

7.Consider all the web designing norms while you plan for a web structure.

Avoid Typography Mistakes, Use these Hacks

8.Do not choose an unclear font family. It should be readable and easily understandable to the users.

9.Make sure, your website has a good kerning maintained.

10.Do not use different fonts for single website. Keep a standard font throughout the entire website.

Content Is King, Make the Most of It

11. Design a SEO-Friendly (Keyword Rich) content for your website.

12.Make it user-centric and engaging in reading.

13.Your content should always define your website niche and goals clearly.

14.Make a high converting copy for most important landing pages.

15.Do not make grammatical or spelling mistakes in your web content.

Better Navigation & Usability Are the Key Points

16.Search box on the website helps you in navigating your users to the right information they’re searching for

17.Be always responsive to your users. Care to respond to the website comments at timely intervals.

18. Use breadcrumb navigation for better usability.

19.Keep different colors for the clicked and not-clicked links.

20.Design the menu bar on all the pages to direct your user to other useful pages from any corner of the website.

Graphics and Image Factors, Must to Remember

21.Always use live images or real images on the website. Using stock photography or copyrighted images can cause conflicts to your website.

22. Make sure to keep your images and graphics updated with meta tags.

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Top 5 Web Development Problems & their Solutions – Vega Technologies

With the ever-changing world, technologies and people’s tastes, the ways of doing business have also changed. Right from finding employees, hiring them, reaching new customers and making profits, the business world has new rules to follow.

While your employees need to be paid well, they also need an environment where they can learn and grow. On the same time, the customers want to know about your products & services in detail. Thankfully, they can find you over search engines and social media very easily.

But once they land to your website, make sure it becomes their first great experience and motivates them to visit your website again and again. But how would you know that your Website Development and Design Structure is perfect enough to capture your audiences’ attention and convert them into your customers.

We have listed 5 major problems that every website faces with web development. You can find the list of these problems and their effective solutions produced by USA’s most popular Web Development Company Vega Technologies LLC.

Let’s get started!

5 Big Problems with Web Development | Know Their Solutions

Problem 1: The Website Design Services Are Very Costly

Solution – Instead of compromising with the budget, make sure you come up with the budget goals up front. However, you can compromise on some less important features and reduce the budget.

Problem 2: Requirements & Goals Are Not Defined Clearly to the Developers & Designers

Solution – If you’re hiring any web development agency like Vega Technologies, make sure you clear your business goals and website requirements very clearly to their professionals’ team. It would avoid future conflicts and confusion. And even in future, you plan to change your requirements, be specific about it at the early stage of development.

Problem 3: The Website Takes Forever to Launch

Solution – Be more specific about your timelines and goals. Make it clear to your Website Development Agency that you need the website being launched till the given date.
Also, after the website is launched and it doesn’t work well, you can ask your web developers to re-launch some of the missing features and smooth up the structure with fixing up important bugs and errors.

Problem 4: The Website Gets Hacked Due to Poor Security & Protection

Solution – While you sign up an agreement with the agency, make sure to define your privacy and security policies before everything else. The website security and protection are the most crucial feature than can build your customers faith in you. Do not compromise over privacy and security at any cost.

Problem 5: Content Management System Becomes Nasty

Solution – While planning up a website development for the web structure of your business, make sure its content management system is easy to use and effective to the users.
Meet with web developers in advance to get all the things done smoothly and efficiently.

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3 Most Important SEO Services Every Business Must Use to Boost Traffic

Are you planning to launch your business online? Are you aiming to drive more traffic or visitors to your website? Are you looking for effective ways to boost traffic and conversions?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the key to success in your online business. While google is the most visited search engine of all, aim to rank your website in the top results of google search rankings.

SEO Services & Techniques can help you optimize your website in such a way that it matches the ranking parameters very effectively and Google itself gives it one of the top spots in SERPs.

So, how do you get these SEO Services for your business?

There two ways. Either hire a SEO Agency or an in-house SEO Expert. As in-house team can cause you big investment, prefer to Hire a SEO Agency for achieving desired goals in less time and money.

Well, we have got the list of 3 Important SEO Services that you can get to your business for an increased traffic.

1. SEO Rich Content & Copywriting

Content rules the search results. If your website has got a content good in quality and helpful to the audience, there’s nobody that can stop you being at the top positions of search engine results.

Filter out brand specific, product specific and audience specific keywords and design the content and landing pages copies accordingly.

2. Website Optimization

Have you ever heard On Page Optimization SEO technique? If not, you should know that the SEO Services providers, before starting any SEO campaign, optimize your website according to SEO practices and Google guidelines.

Every page and every image of the website would be optimized finely to beat the search engine results and get the top spots.

3. Link Building Techniques

While back Linking is becoming the outdated SEO technique, the smart link building SEO Services are still in trend and can highly affect the google search results positively.

Ask your SEO Services Company to plan a strategic link building approach and get your website quality links that can help you outstrip the competitors and their pages.

Finding a SEO Company that offers flexible and excellent SEO Services will be an added advantage to any business like you. Vega Technologies LLC offers one stop solution for all your SEO and Digital Marketing needs. By saving up your time and money, we assure you guaranteed results.

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