Top 10 E-Commerce Trends to Embrace in 2021

The year 2021 raised the level of competition, customer’s expectations, and the new hope to succeed. The previous year was a set-back for many. Many businesses experienced huge losses and/or on the verge of shutting down their companies. However, a noticeable change in the customers buying behavior changed the perspective of many companies. The pandemic gave a sudden push to…

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Website Design and Development

Why is Magento the Preferred Choice Over Other Ecommerce Platforms

In today’s era, e-commerce platform has gained a tremendous popularity. People have drawn their interests towards online shopping. Therefore, a robust e-commerce platform has become a requirement for all kind of businesses. Thus a need of sophisticated business solution is necessary to achieve extensibility, scalability and flexibility along with the advance features that offers higher ROI. Magento – A Brief…

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value of social media
Digital Marketing

The Value of Social Media in Business

Nowadays, social media has become an integral part of our lives. Most of us spend hours and hours on the social media platform whether for socializing, job search or entertainment. But have you ever thought how this platform is becoming an essential part of businesses these days. The continuous technological advancement is giving cutting edge to the businesses to display…

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shark tank
Shark Tank

Gameday Couture: Shark Tank Updates in 2020

Gameday Couture, owned by Kurt and Shawnna Fedderson, has emerged as a profitable clothing brand to design fashionable and stylish apparels for women. With the range of garments from preeminent quality women sports t-shirts, scarfs, sweatshirts, hoodies, skirts, leggings, and whatnot, Gameday Couture’s net worth has reached appealing $12 million in the year 2018, with the total annual sales of…

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Shark Tank

Tree T Pee: Shark Tank Updates in 2020

The tree T-PEE is a product from GSI Supply established on 2nd March 2005 by John G Georges (Johnny). Johnny’s father Rick Georges created micro-sprinkler or “Geor-Jet,” in the year 1970 which revolutionized the irrigation industry. This efficient way of watering the plants reduced the percentage of water needed by the trees, and it also helped protect frost. After a…

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Digital Marketing, SEO SErvices


Vega Technology LLC is a versatile Digital Marketing and Web Design & Development company, which offers you a variety of digital marketing solutions to reach out to your customers and achieve your business goal. In this modern electronic era, no business will flourish effectively without deploying efficient digital marketing techniques. Developing a good website is an important aspect, but equally…

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SEO Company
SEO SErvices

How SEO Helps in growth of your business

Unlike time itself, Google still stands for no one. From the world’s largest brands to humble personal websites, Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) is an essential method for generating traffic, attracting new clients, and following them online. Firstly understand what SEO is?  SEO, as says search engine optimization, which is a method of optimizing the website in ways that make…

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