Web Portal

Web portals are websites where you can share lot of information, website links, and bulk information on single site. The same site can have thousands of micro sites depending on client size and requirements.

Web portals have features to create web resources like, classifieds, jobs, coupons, e-mail, searching, galleries and option of doing online shopping to visitors. Web portal can be easily linked to external sites to various other sites and web services at one place. Web portals can be used to create Job Portals, Classified Ad Portals, Education portals, forums, Directories, Linking site to E-Commerce websites. Web portal is different from a normal website especially in terms of usability and functionality. The main purpose of creating a web portal is to attain great traffic and visitors so that they can register. Web portals have huge database of users and we can interact with these users and offer them different services.

We have a proficient and experienced team that is ready to undertake the development of different types of online portals with beautiful and modern designs that are mobile and tablet ready. These web portals can accept data from external sources and same data can be represented anywhere on the site. The Dynamic Pages can provide Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete data for company records with the help of Function design. We can integrate these sites with Social login like Facebook Gmail (google) LinkedIn, twitter and many more. The user can make comments and interact with other users depending upon site type.

We can create login and passwords for more authentication on the site. These sites have ability for administrators or users to create, manage, send content or add information to a site and it’s called dynamic publishing.

There are three ends of Web portals.

Client Side: It’s a Customized backend where you can easily manage your content and Media which includes Text, Videos, Pictures, files and lot more. The interface is easy and the options are easy GUI based where client doesn’t have to do any coding.
Administrator End: Administrator can access all the clients and modify their information and use the stored data in various forms like digital publishing and online marketing. Admin can also manage no of functions given to each user and different access levels.
Developer Side: This requires hard core programming skills where you have to Change the functionalities of the site and can be updated time to time depending on Client requirements.

Advantages of Web Portals:

Easy to manage large Content like, large no of products, external links, text, pictures, videos, Audios files and lot more.
We can create multiple micro site under single domain or same site.
We can create Job Portals, Classified Ads Portal, Email Directory, Matrimonial portals and Directories.
Easy to create responsive designs and beautiful Sites that are mobile and tablet Ready.
We can create a full functional website with direct login or social login.
Much easier to update and maintain the data.
Easy content management and updates bring people back to the site that helps in getting more traffic from search engines
These sites have ability for administrators or users to create, manage, send content or add information to a site and it’s called dynamic publishing.
Can work as a system at different levels to allow staff or users to collaborate and collect days

We Develop following Web Portals:

  • Property based Web Portals
  • Social Communities & Networking Portals
  • E-Commerce Web Portals
  • Knowledge Based Portals
  • Directory Based Web portals
  • Application Based Web Portals
  • Educational Web Portals
  • Business & Enterprises Portals
  • Contents & Link Distribution Portals
  • Search Engine & Web Services Portals
  • Job & Auction Portals
  • B2B & B2C E-commerce Portals
  • Classified Ads Web Portals

Under Web Portal Development we also provide following services:

  • Portal Re-design & Development
  • Ads management
  • Content Management
  • Design and Technology Upgrades
  • Flash based Web Design
  • Community Building
  • Design & Development of Logo
  • Web Ads & Banners Design