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Instagram Reach vs Impressions

When you publish a piece of content or launch a product campaign over Instagram, you wish to see how it is doing on the platform. To check the results, you open the analytics dashboard and notice two words flashing on the screen; “reach” and “impressions.” However, what does each of these terms reveals, and which should get a priority over the other?  Reach vs impressions have separate meanings. Both the terms are used for different purposes, and thus, it is crucial to understand their significance.

What is Reach on Instagram?

These metrics are used for different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., to understand the user’s behaviour towards the social media feed or an ad campaign by an organization. So the question arises, what is reach on Instagram? Instagram reach refers to the metrics, which defines the number of unique users accounts saw your Instagram post, story, or a piece of content. When you launch an ad campaign, you want more and more people to see it. Reach defines the number of people who click your Instagram ad or see the Instagram feed. Those people are the unique audience or users exposed to your Instagram content and choose to click on your ad for the first time.

What are Impressions on Instagram?

The next question that hits our minds is, what in impressions on Instagram? Instagram impressions define the number of times a post or an ad is seen by the targeted audience on their screens. The Instagram impressions metrics let you know how many times the Instagram feed posted by you is viewed by the users or your Instagram account followers. The impressions count the total number of views, irrespective of whether the same person sees the posts multiple times. Many times, the Instagram impressions are higher than the reach. If this happens, it is a sign that the audience checks out your Instagram post multiple times.

Difference between Reach and Impressions

As now we know, reach, and impressions have specific meanings on Instagram. Still, it is vital to know the differences between them to analyze better the online social campaign of your product and services. So how to figure outreach vs impressions as separate metrics, and which term should get the preference over the other?

Instagram reach and impressions may look similar at first glance, have different meanings, and use different user analyses. Where the Instagram reach tells you the number of times your feed or ad hits on the users’ screens, the Instagram impressions give information about the impact your content created on your targeted audience.

So, to answer the question, what is the difference between reach and impressions? Reach defines the number of users who chose to click on your Instagram feed and thus shows your audience’s engagement with the content you posted or the ad campaign you run. While the impressions don’t focus on the engagement part, it tells you the number of times your Instagram followers or the targeted users are exposed to the content published by you. In simple words, Instagram impressions give clear metrics of how many times the audience views a particular ad or post on this social media platform. 

To understand the terms better, we can consider an example. Suppose you posted an Instagram story, which displayed 500 times on social media, your Instagram impressions number will be 500. This includes the total views of the feed. A single user could see the same ad multiple times, and the impressions shall count it. Now, suppose out of those 500 displays, only 200 chose to click on your brand to see the ad post that shall count as your total reach. Therefore, in this example, 500 is the total impressions, while 200 is the total reach of your Instagram post.

Which is More Preferred between Reach and Impressions?

When talking about reach vs impressions, another question that might be blogging your mind is which statistical data should prioritize the other. After understanding the meaning and difference between these two metrics in Instagram, we can easily determine that they reveal different analyses for a particular feed. However, if you want to know which term is more important, it entirely depends upon your business goals and objectives.

Suppose you aim to increase the brand awareness amongst your Instagram followers, become more detectable, and evolve your social media account. In that case, you must pay attention to the numbers of total reach you get on the posts. While if your business objective is to increase follower connections and foster the engagement of your targeted audience, keep track of the impressive numbers.

Both the terms reach vs impressions look similar but have a separate meaning altogether. These terms are the essential factors for all social media accounts and reveal the statistics to show users’ behaviour on a brand’s ad campaign. So if you are a business owner and wish to analyze the impact of your Instagram feed, keep a close track on reach and impression to estimate the ROI.

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