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Tips To Get Your Instagram Reels To Go Viral

The Reels strategy, introduced to compete with TikTok, is meant to increase content reach. Hence why, there is so much hype about Instagram Reels. According to other post formats on the site, this enhances the likelihood of artists’ and businesses’ content going viral with much more simplicity.

 The reach of Reels over our own Instagram account has increased five-fold at Vega. For you to replicate the procedure for your brand or business, we tested these on the Vega Instagram account to determine what works and what doesn’t. Now that we’ve got the answer, we’re looking forward to sharing them with you.

Tips to do your Instagram reels viral

Here are some best tips to get your Instagram reels to go viral:

Research popular music

Search for songs that are hot and trendy while making an Instagram Reel. Use music that is currently hot and has the potential to become viral online. Pick a theme that suits your subject if you can’t locate one again.

You may stay current with trends by including music in your Reels, increasing your discoverability on the network. Additionally, you may participate in the fun challenges that Instagram occasionally runs.

Put in Closed Captions

Remember that several Instagram users view videos without sound, but if there’s no audio, offering subtitles or text will aid in helping them grasp the material. This will help make the video understandable for those who have hearing impairments.

Influencers on Instagram may struggle to develop captions that match the video’s tone or provide crucial details; they also might skip the captions entirely. However, when they go above and above, they increase interaction while enhancing their Reels’ discoverability. Instead of being limited to looking for hashtags or photo captions, users may search for terms that exist in the subtitles of videos.

Get rid of watermarks

We urge you to erase watermarks from the videos you intend to post to give them the best chance of succeeding. This might be a watermark from your video editing software or another platform.

A standard error made by Instagram users is uploading videos with TikTok watermarks. The watermarks from TikTok may be seen in videos by Instagram’s algorithms. Erase any watermarks to improve the chances of your movies showing up in Instagram’s Explore section.

Vertically shoot, then add your reel cover

Although videos may be shot and posted in either a vertical or horizontal format. They will then fill the whole screen of the mobile device, shooting and uploading videos vertically is preferred.

A unique Reel cover picture may make your film stand out and entice viewers to watch it. Custom covers may enhance your video’s appeal when seen as a thumbnail to give your Reels a unique personality.

Apply hashtags

Because hashtags are being used so often in the feed material, they are starting to saturate all of your other content. Currently, hashtag traffic is difficult to come by. It’s a different scenario right now on Reels, though. The results are decent since there aren’t as many content producers using the feature as frequently as they put to the feed and because there is minor rivalry amongst hashtags.

This implies that you have a decent probability of starting to trend on some significant hashtags that you utilized in your Reels post. The hashtags must still be pertinent and thoughtfully selected to fit the kind of Reels you are sharing.

keep Reels to Your Feed

Use the “Include share to feed” box when posting your Reel. Doing this will distribute the information to your followers via your standard and Reels feeds.

This will increase your chances of being visible on the Explore page. Since your followers’ views will boost the counts for views, likes, comments, and shares that are important to the algorithm determining where a post will appear on Explore.

Engage audiences by holding contests and challenges.

Over the past few years, famous and viral challenges and competitions have taken over social media platforms, especially Instagram. These contests are a fantastic way to get people involved and go viral. You can impose some requirements or request that participants upload their reels to participate in a challenge in exchange for awards.

To encourage the individuals, you may set up incentives. You can also publish a reel of their actions on Instagram and tag the members. This is an excellent method for increasing your Instagram interaction and going viral. Visitors may inspire others to share their reels if there is a sizable prize and an engaging contest.


Hope this article will help you in tips to get your Instagram reels to go viral. Remember that the Vega Reels planner serves as your social media companion. Using the planner, you may modify, upload, schedule, and arrange an endless number of Reels on your grid. Additionally, you can utilize it to adapt your content for Twitter and Facebook. Get outside and start making things. We’re eager to see what you create!


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