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Video Marketing Trends Set to Dominate in 2023


In today’s digital age, video marketing has evolved into an important tool for businesses to encounter with their target audience. With the ever-evolving technical landscape, marketers must stay modernised on the latest video marketing movements to effectively capture the attention and interest of viewers. In this blog post, we will analyse the top video marketing sensations that are set to dominate in 2023.

As we approach 2023, marketers are looking forward to a new year with new trends in video. Predicting what the new year will bring isn’t always easy, so we asked marketers and business owners to use their expertise and log their predictions for video marketing trends in 2023.  

The 220+ marketers and business leaders we talked to pretty much all agreed on the video trends for 2023. They talked about video lengths, platforms, emerging technologies and how to focus your video marketing strategy. Most said that all of these things mattered for 2023, but many disagreed on where these trends might be headed. Let’s take a closer look at their predictions

Video Marketing Benefits

Marketers who participated in businesses that embrace video marketing perform the following:

  • Boost the brand’s awareness
  • Develop a better lead generation strategy
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce the number of support calls
  • Generate more traffic
  • Make products and services more understandable to customers

It is estimated that 86% of companies recognize these benefits when it comes to video marketing and utilise them in their marketing plans.

Live Streaming and Interactive Videos

Live streaming has acquired considerable popularity over the years, and it continues to be a dominant trend in video marketing. Media like Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and YouTube Live allow businesses to join with their audience in real-time, enabling authentic engagement. This trend permits brands to deliver behind-the-scenes content, conduct Q&A sessions, host webinars, product launches, and actual virtual events. Further, interactive videos, which contain polls, quizzes, and clickable elements, are evolving increasingly widely as they boost viewer participation and improve the overall user experience.

Shoppable Videos

Shoppable videos are revolutionizing the way customers shop online. With this trend, viewers can relate to outcomes within the video and make a purchase instantly, without vamoosing the video player. This seamless integration of e-commerce and video marketing presents a more timely and streamlined shopping experience. Brands can showcase their creations in action, provide precise information, and drive conversions straight from the video. Shoppable videos have been demonstrated to be highly effective in boosting sales and reducing friction in the customer journey.

Short-Form Videos

The rise of social media like and Inyoutube, Instagram Reels has popularized short-form videos. These videos, generally ranging from 15 to 60 seconds, are perfect for capturing viewers’ engagement in today’s fast-paced digital environment. Short-form videos are concise, interesting, and highly shareable, making them a useful tool for brand awareness and getting a younger demographic. Marketers should leverage the power of short-form videos to complete snackable, visually attractive content that fast conveys the brand’s message.

Personalized Video bits of knowledge

Personalization is key in marketing, and video is no peculiarity. In 2023, personalized video pieces of knowledge will resume gaining traction. By leveraging consumer data, brands can make videos tailored to the preferences, behaviours, and demographics of individual viewers. Personalized videos enhance customer engagement, build stronger connections, and increase the likelihood of conversion. Whether it’s addressing the viewer by name or dynamically displaying personalized product recommendations, customized video experiences can significantly impact a brand’s marketing efforts.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) has become a cornerstone of many successful marketing campaigns. In 2023, UGC will continue to dominate the video marketing landscape. Consumers trust the opinions and experiences of their peers more than traditional advertising. By encouraging customers to create and share videos related to their brand, businesses can tap into the power of authenticity and social proof. UGC can take the form of testimonials, product reviews, unboxing videos, or creative user-generated advertisements. This trend enables brands to amplify their reach, build a sense of community, and generate valuable user-generated insights.

Educational and Tutorial Videos Gain Popularity

As the world becomes more complex and information-driven, educational and tutorial videos are becoming increasingly popular. From cooking and DIY tutorials to online courses and skill-building videos, audiences are seeking content that can help them learn and grow. In 2023, we’re likely to see more brands and creators focusing on educational and tutorial content to provide value to their audiences.

AI-Powered Video Editing Becomes Mainstream

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already transformed many aspects of video production, from automated closed captioning to facial recognition technology. In 2023, we’re likely to see more widespread adoption of AI-powered video editing tools, which can help streamline the video production process and improve the quality of the final product.


keeping up with the latest video marketing trends in 2023 is paramount for brands to successfully engage and communicate with their target audience. Let’s delve deeper into the dominant trends of live streaming, shoppable videos, short-form videos, personalized experiences, and user-generated content, and understand how they can significantly impact marketing strategies. By embracing these dominant video marketing trends and incorporating them into their strategies, brands can effectively capture and retain viewers’ attention, foster deeper connections, and ultimately achieve meaningful results. Whether it’s through live streaming, shoppable videos, short-form videos, personalized experiences, or user-generated content, businesses can leverage the power of video to engage, inspire, and drive action among their target audience. Staying adaptable and proactive in implementing these trends will position brands at the forefront of video marketing in 2023 and beyond. 

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