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Why Businesses Choose Shopify for Their Ecommerce Store

Expanding the business and earning huge profits out of it is a dream and aim of every business owner. In today’s time, if you own an offline shop, it is high time that you must look forward to an online store. Shopify gives an incredible platform to the online business aspirants to open their eCommerce store without any hassle. 

The online store helps businesses to get enhanced visibility and exceeded reach. There are several hosting platforms available, famous for providing a high-quality eCommerce store. However, Shopify is a fabulous forum that requires minimal configuration. It offers rich features, simple to use, benefits, and quality, along with efficiency. Shopify is an idol eCommerce platform for those seeking to sell a single product or an array of variety. So, let us talk more about why businesses choose Shopify over other eCommerce platforms.


Advantages of Using Shopify for eCommerce Store

  • Offers Attractive Visuals

A wide variety of templates are available at the Shopify platform that lets the user create a unique and visually appealing eCommerce store.


  • No-Fuss Setting-Up Process

The intuitive admin and user interface allow the easy setup of the eCommerce store. The development and hosting of the online store are pretty simple and can be done by anyone.


  • Mobile-Friendly Application

It is an essential feature in today’s era to have a mobile responsive application. With Shopify, you get to have a mobile-optimized eCommerce store that ultimately enhances your sales.


  • Impeccable Loading Speed

The loading speed of Shopify was observed as one of the quickest amongst its competitors. The optimized software, hardware, and infrastructure give it the fastest loading speed.


  • Reliable and Secure

Shopify offers advanced security features and a reliable platform to its customers. The personal details of customers are intact, and the interface is continuously maintained and upgraded.


  • Customer Help Centre

The 24/7 customer care service by Shopify doesn’t let the users to the left behind with their /problems. There are readily available customer forums on the Shopify help center to give replies.


  • Offers Amazing Marketing and SEO benefits

Shopify gives SEO benefits to its users to boost the ranking on the search engines. It also offers marketing tools like a product review, social media, and email marketing to uplift sales.



Reasons to Choose Shopify for your eCommerce Store


  • Easy to Manage

Shopify is a recognized platform for its easy to manage and use functionality. Even if you do not possess the technical skills, you can run your online store on its interface. The simple dashboard allows multiple activities like inventory management, orders supervision, and payments administration.


  • Multi Linguistic Support

You can increase the reachability of your eCommerce store by using the multiple language support system of Shopify. Now you can display your store in different regions and countries and enjoy the benefits of selling native products without any language barriers.


  • Value for Money

Shopify charges a minimal amount for the subscription charges. There is no hidden cost involved, which allows the users to build trust in their services. If you already have a website, you can opt for the basic or Lite plan, which is affordable and consists of comprehensive features. There is no setup fee or long-term contract, giving the small-scale businesses freedom to open their eCommerce setup.


  • Wide Bandwidth and Products Option

You get the leverage to sell as much product you wish. Start from as low as 200 products and reach up to 500 products type if you aim to expand. Shopify imposes no restrictions on the business owners to sell the product from this platform. You have the opportunity to upload as many files and photos related to your services without any extra charges.


  • Unlimited Features and Tools

You have the opportunity to glorify your eCommerce store using incredible tools and features. There are hundreds of templates available to set up your perfect eCommerce store. Using the Shopify features, you can easily manage shipping, inventory, payments, cart, various analytics, marketing tools, etc., to start a new eCommerce venture. 


  • 14-Days Free Trial Option

Using this outstanding 14-days free trial feature, the small businesspersons get the opportunity to explore the Shopify platform and understand how it works best for them. You can create your eCommerce store within this period and float it to understand which plan you can pick from the given options.


  • Store Management Using Mobile

This is the era of mobile phones and smart devices, so it is most vital for you to control your eCommerce store via your smartphone. Shopify gives you the advantage of running your online store from your mobile. You can manage inventory, fulfill orders, add products in your online store, manage payments, solve customer’s queries, keep track of revenue and sales channels, and manage any other changes you would like to make.


  • Eminent Customer Service

Shopify has an experienced and professional staff to handle customer’s queries round the clock. You can get in touch with them via phone call, email, or live chat. They are a dedicated team of 24/7 customer care service with whom you can expect to solve all your issues or confusions related to any feature, tools, or usefulness of Shopify.


Shopify is a distinguished platform for those businesspersons who wants a dedicated, sophisticated, and incredible platform to open their eCommerce store. A wide variety of themes, templates, tools, and marketing analysis features offers by Shopify lets you have a unique online storefront that provides a user-friendly interface and outstanding shopping experience.

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