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The Value of Social Media in Business

Nowadays, social media has become an integral part of our lives. Most of us spend hours and hours on the social media platform whether for socializing, job search or entertainment. But have you ever thought how this platform is becoming an essential part of businesses these days.

The continuous technological advancement is giving cutting edge to the businesses to display and promote their products and services through the online channel. Social media is one of the highly used platforms amongst the other online platform. An estimated figure revels that there are around 3 billion marketers all across the globe to use this robust platform to reach the potential customers and promote their businesses.

Social Media and Its Types

Social Media is a medium through which one can share the information via internet. It helps in floating the information quickly and in real time. The restrictions and censorship on the social media platform is limited which makes it a place where people find wider scope to share their ideas.

 The highly acquainted and most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and TikTok. In today’s era, these platforms are widely used by companies to promote their services worldwide. Following are the types of Social Media:

  • Social Networking Websites – The social networking website for example Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter allow users to share common interest on the same page.


  • Media Networking Websites – Media networking websites are popular to share information majorly via pictures and videos for example YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat.


  • Discussion Networking Websites – Such websites allows users to have a deep discussion over any topic of there choice with a tremendous space to share their thought in the comment section for example Reddit.


  • Review Networking Websites – These websites provide a common space to the users share their views and comments about the product and services they have used for example Practo and Yelp.


What Are The Benefits of Social Media Marketing?

The social media websites and applications are known for their niches like for social networking, Facebook and LinkedIn are the common apps while for pictures and videos, Instagram and TikTok are highly popular. So lets find out the various benefits observes by the organizations to use these platforms for their business:

  • Helps in Growing Brand Awareness – With social media websites, it is simpler to float information about your company product, mission and values.


  • Helps is Increasing Traffic to your Website – The social media platform can be used tremendously to divert the organic traffic to your company website.


  • Helps in Product and Services Promotion – Once you have invested in social media marketing tool, you should be sure to have your products and services promoted amongst targeted customers.


  • Helps in Lead Generation – Lead generation through social media is spontaneous as compared to the other method. It is as easy way to inform the users about your business and thus generate leads.


  • Helps in Sales Boost – Social media plays a critical part in you sales funnel. No matter what you sell, the social media is a means to make it go viral amongst the users and reciprocates in rapid increase in sales.


Best Social Media Websites for Businesses

It is a common practice nowadays for an organization to use social media accounts to promote and increase sales of their businesses. There are a number of social media websites available but you can avail the best outcome from the websites named bellow:

  • Facebook – Facebook is presently a huge social media platform for business promotion and lead generation. It is one of the most common applications where people spend a good amount of time in socializing and interacting.


  • YouTube – Youtube is the most popular social media platform online with the largest amount of database from all over the world. It allows the marketers to upload the video content of their product and immediate responses from the users.


  • Twitter – Twitter is a popular application amongst the politicians, social workers, celebrities and of courses the common men. If a business could get the promotion here, it can reciprocate in higher ROI.


  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn works as a platform for the jobseekers and intellectuals. So if you are into the business of human resource management etc., this is the right application to work wonders for you.

There are a number of ways how one can promote their business and Social Media is one such method. Whether you are a giant businessman or an owner of a start-up, with the investment in the Social Media websites, you can earn the benefit of quick promotion and better leads. 

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