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Why is Magento the Preferred Choice Over Other Ecommerce Platforms

In today’s era, e-commerce platform has gained tremendous popularity. People have drawn their interests towards online shopping. Therefore, a robust e-commerce platform has become a requirement for all kind of businesses. Thus a need of sophisticated business solution is necessary to achieve extensibility, scalability and flexibility along with the advance features that offers higher ROI.

Magento – A Brief Explanation

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that uses technology which offers the online businessmen to have a control over their online store. It provides the flexible shopping cart system, a large variety of plug-ins and themes, control over the look and content of the online store and a better user-interface for enriched user-experience. Many giant businesses and organizations are these days using Magento for their websites as a preferred choice over other e-commerce platforms.

 What Makes Magento a Better Platform?

Magento is a preferred choice because of a number of reasons. It offers a powerful search engine optimization, marketing and catalog-management tool to the users. The reasons which make Magento a better e-commerce platform are given below:

  • Free and Open-Source Platform

 Magento is an open-source program that makes it absolutely free to use. You need not have to pay any installation charges while downloading and using this platform. Magento is written in PHP, which makes it simpler for its developers to use and customize as per business needs. Magento also offers the free extensions for website customization and expansion.

  • SEO Friendly

Website development and maintenance on Magento is simpler. It is easy to alter the URLs, meta tags, categories, content, keywords, description etc. The HTML and Google Sitemaps provided by Magento helps the Google crawler to rank the website higher on the search engine.

  • Interactive Interface

The interactive web design and interface provided by Magento ensures better flexibility and enriched user-experience. The provocative elements and essential tools offered by Magento makes it simpler for the admin and developers to create and maintain an interactive website.

  • Mobile Responsive Design

The online stores created via Magento development services is capable of integrating on the HTML 5 surface that makes it responsive on the mobile, tablets and other similar gadgets. The amazing browsing and shopping experience given to the users makes it a popular platform amongst developers.  

  • Flexible, Scalable and Fast

Magento gives the freedom to the designer to create a website with unlimited and flexible features. The website are high performing and scalable as compared to other e-commerce platforms. When talking about the pace, Magento offers an amazing loading speed to the developers and customers.

  • Numerous Customization Features

Magento offers millions of customization options to its users, including numerous plug-ins and extensions options. The developers can integrate and customize their online store as and when required. It provides the flexibility to rewrite codes and make back-end changes at any point of time that gives complete freedom to the users.

  • Multi-lingual and Multi-currency Support

Magento offers the choice of selecting the language, currency, descriptions, pricing in a single installation. You can select the language and currency according to the countries you plan to operate. This feature makes it easy for the store owner to reach the customers from all over the world.

  • Secured Environment

Magento offers an absolute secured and robust platform to the users from all over. The optimum security is the core feature of the Magento platform which is based on the solid PHP which is capable to reduce the risk to its minimum level. 

  • Supportive Magento Community

The Magento community is as wide as its popularity and includes vendors, merchants, developers, designers, business owners and professionals from all across the globe. You can rely and expect for optimum assistance related to any information and updates at all time from the support system of the wide Magento community. 

  • Impressive Customer Support

It is easy to contact the Magento back-end service and customer support system at any point of time. The maximum support to customers given by Magento to the users and developers makes it easy to operate. The improvised features like chat solutions, contact us form, order tracking and updates email etc. are provided by Magento to make the experience fruitful.

 Magento offers a robust platform to its users and developers and provides an enriching user-interface feature to the customers. The advance features and improved functionality offer by Magento support system prowess the organizations to have a wider customer base from all across the globe.

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