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Boom Boom Nasal Inhalers: Shark Tank Updates in 2020

A well-researched product to give a soothing experience with aromatherapy to our nose is the Boom Boom Nasal Inhaler. It was almost ten years ago, i.e., in 2010 in Thailand, when John and Chelsea Pinto came across the concept of such energy-filled inhalers. They observed the locals of Thailand using inhalers that could sprinkle vapors into the nostrils, which foreigners called “The Wonder Vapors.” The experience was phenomenal. Even the Muay Thai fighters kept them to regain energy after a tough knock-out.


John and Chelsea were so enthralled with its capacity of providing energy and freshness after inhalation that it became unavoidable for them to investigate further into the subject. These rejuvenating inhalers are of a kind refreshment devices made with natural ingredients and provide immense vitality after inhalation. We’ll check out the latest Boom Boom Shark Tank updates later in the article but let us know more about Boom Boom.


What is Boom Boom?


John & Chelsea are a couple and entrepreneurs from Los Angeles, USA, who returned from Thailand to collaborate with researchers/ chemists to create a similar product like Thailand nasal inhaler. The booming success came to the couple in three consecutive years, and finally, the natural aromatherapy nasal inhalers were launched under the brand Boom Boom.


The Boom Boom nasal inhaler has a physical appearance similar to the popular Vicks inhalers, but its effect on the user is incredible. It is manufactured keeping in mind to deliver natural aftermath, and that is why it is made of natural ingredients like fragmented scents and essential oils. This nasal inhaler comes in five flavors, and each of them impacts impulsively to rejuvenate the mind and body of the user while enhancing the focus naturally.


Boom Boom Shark Tank Showcase


The nasal inhalers were a great success and paved regular sales over Amazon, and later they even planned to initiate an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. To increase sales, John & Chelsea Pinto needed to promote their creation, and so they decided to pitch the product over the Shark Tank show. It was essential to work out this chance to fetch more investment that would eventually take the inhalers towards a wide range of customers.


John promoted the Boom Boom Nasal Inhalers as “a new best friend for your nose” in Episode 4 of Season 10 at The Shark Tank Show. The Sharks were offered 10% equity shares in return for $300,000. The first impression of the aromatherapy nasal inhaler almost fascinated the Shark tank. The Boom Boom inhalers were unique, as they possessed the dynamically energizing property, where other similar products in the market had only a medicinal base.


Chelsea mentioned here that the Boom Boom had devised a natural nasal inhaler, a blend of essential oils, menthol, and flavored scents. It is easy to use as the user has to uncover the tube, bring it close to the nose, and inhale for 1-2 seconds to feel the refreshment and rejuvenation. The inhalers are available in five fragrances: Tropical Rush, Melon Drop, Berry Breeze, Cinnamint, and Winter Mint.


Boom Boom Shark Tank Updates 2020


John declined the deal with The Shark Tank because Mark, Kevin, Lori, and Charles could not agree on either valuation or other attributes. Robert offered $300,000 for 36%, but John disagreed.


The Boom Boom worked rigorously to increase the sales of the commodity making $754,000 in 2017 and aimed at $1.1 million in the next year. A single unit costs 70 cents, which are sold for $7.95 on the website. With 20% sales for direct customers, 30% on Amazon, and the rest over wholesaled fetched $125,000 in a year. John explains that the wholesale price is $1.5, and they retail it for $3.99, where John & a co-founder own 36% each, while the other two investors hold 25%. Chelsea is a dentist and works part-time at Boom Boom.


According to the latest updates by Shark Tank, the Boom Boom nasal Inhaler has broadened its reach to around 6000 retail stores in multiple locations; near-about 800 of these stores are Wall Marts. The company is running smoothly in June 2021 by grabbing $6 million of annual revenue.


Boom Boom Inhaler Side Effects


The Boom Boom nasal inhaler revitalizes the breathing abilities of the person by giving refreshments to the nostrils, and as a result, the person feels energized. Many customers have given positive feedback to the company with their experiences, saying that the inhaler makes them feel happier, healthier and helps in relieving sinus too.


But not everything that is intended for health benefits can evade the alternate reactions if taken against the set guidance or individual’s capacity. Some of the significant boom boom inhaler side effects have appeared due to the overuse of the product. Few customers observed that they experienced itchiness and headache. The company claims that any existing health conditions or allergy to certain ingredients may lead to irritations, so it is advised to consult a doctor if any such thing is troubling you after inhaling Boom Boom Nasal Inhaler.

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