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Gameday Couture: Shark Tank Updates in 2020

Gameday Couture, owned by Kurt and Shawnna Fedderson, has emerged as a profitable clothing brand to design fashionable and stylish apparels for women. With the range of garments from preeminent quality women sports t-shirts, scarfs, sweatshirts, hoodies, skirts, leggings, and whatnot, Gameday Couture’s net worth has reached appealing $12 million in the year 2018, with the total annual sales of $20 million.  

Gameday Couture Background

Gameday Couture started by the husband and wife duo Kurt and Shwanna Fedderson in the year 2010. By 2014, they expanded nationwide with an appealing concept that wasn’t tried before by any other brand. The company came up with the idea of selling women’s fashionable sports clothing line, joining hands with NBA and NCAA teams. Kurt and Shawnna displayed on the Gameday Couture Shark Tank platform their unique idea of selling women’s fashion wear in the sports category.

The idea came up with the fact that there was no dedicated online platform for women sportswear with a touch of trendiness and style. They usually had to compromise with the loose and bulgy looking t-shirts and shorts that used to give them stigma to support their favorite sports team or shout loud for their boyfriend team. Kurt and Shawnna from Oklahoma arose as a nifty clothing brand with the innovative concept of online selling of fashionable and dandy sports apparel, especially for women.

 Gameday Couture Clothing Shark Tank

Kurt and Shawnna Fedderson staged their concept and product on Shark Tank and received remarkable compliments from the members. The Shark Tank Gameday Couture witnessed the distracting display of their outstanding clothing line that included sequined and sparkling women tees, adorn with the logos, MVP team player number and the specific color combinations.

The couple revealed that they have the complete range of women wear for those who have a high interest in sports. The apparels come with the guarantee of high-quality fabric in a competitive price range. The company initially started as a wholesale exclusive, which later jumped into the online retail store and swiftly tripled its sales in just a few years. The Shark Tank Gameday Couture also displayed their clothing line, including head-to-toe fashionable sports gear and apparel for women.      

 Gameday Couture Shark Tank Update

Gameday Couture became Shark Tank clothing company in 2014 when Kurt and Shwanna pitched to the Shark Tank investors about the company performance and asked them to invest $100,000 for the stake of 20 per cent shares of the company. With this, Mark Cuban also invested $100,000 for 30 per cent stakeholding of the company with a caveat. The caveat is that Gameday has to come up with a dedicated clothing line for Dallas Mavericks and Cuban’s basketball team. The Fedderson couple considered it a blessing to have a delightful business partner as Mark.

The company has the licensing authority to work with 135 colleges approximately and contract to bring all 30 NBA teams’ clothing line. Gameday Couture Shark Tank‘s designers work edictally to produce the bedazzled customized apparels with the team’s color theme, team images, and logos. Further, the Gameday Couture Shark Tank update is readily available on the Shark Tank fashion Blog section and episode 728 on the Shark Tank TV show.

 Gameday Couture Sales Platform       

As stated above, Shark Tank Gameday Couture started their venture as the exclusive wholesale store and later, they entered into the retail market with upfront sales of women fashion apparel in the sports category. The company extensively uses the online platform instead of offline stores. There are approximately 1300 big and small online stores nationwide that include the platforms like Dillard’s, Kohl’s, Rally House and Lids, displaying Gameday Couture apparels with the retail price ranging between $45 to $65.

Gameday Couture managed to rise from a small unknown brand to a giant company within a short period. It has a large market hold in the southern region and is now focusing more on the other parts. Kurt and Shwanna stated their success story on the Shark Tank platform. They said it was hard to compete with the already established brands like Nike and Under Armour initially. But their unique range of products within the price range of customer’s pocket made them one of the tremendous selling brand and the best Shark Tank clothing company.      

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