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Veggie Mama: Shark Tank Updates in 2020

The genuine concern to avail a healthy cuisine for their children made Robert & Theresa work over a food delight, finally introduced as Veggie Mama Pops. Robert & Theresa Fraijo, who lived in Laguna Niguel, California, wanted to create a tasty and nutritious snack for children since it is always difficult for parents to deal with the eating habits of adolescents.

Theresa’s initial idea was to blend fruits and vegetables with sugar syrup to make a smoothie, but later she turned it into a frozen pop. The exclusivity of the product is that this frozen pop is made with only vegetables & fruits, and the sugariness is maintained using natural agave nectar.

The enthusiasm to cater to healthy and balanced food inspired the Fraijo couple to put all the efforts into vegetables, fruits, and other nourishing ingredients to produce a fun-filled healthy munch. After a continuous attempt, Robert & Theresa finally delivered a new recipe, “Veggie Mama Pops.”

 Veggie Mama Endeavors

Robert loved the recipe and anticipated future business prospects. He decided to leave the law school to work and generate revenue with the new venture. The couple was eager to invest all the money they had as assets to enhance this project, so they decided to move in with Robert’s parents.

Robert Fraijo started working on a salary-based job to generate an annual income of $67000, which he revealed later at the Shark Tank show. At the same time, Theresa involved herself full-time in the enterprise. To fulfill further financial requirements, Theresa sold the diamond of her ring and even rented some extra cash from friends & relatives. 

The new light meal recipe delivered by Robert and Theresa was rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutritious elements. The best part of the food was that it contained no preservatives or harmful chemicals and was vegan as it was free of gluten & milk products. The Veggie Mama Pops was made available in three different flavors consisting of Citrus Cucumber. Sweet Potato Pie, and Carrot Berry. 

Veggie Mama Shark Tank: The Demonstration

Theresa & Robert Fraijo have ever since been passionate about their creativity. When invited to share the stage with the Shark Tank for business enhancement, they had a preliminary plan. The Fraijo called themself Veggie Mama & Veggie Papa and were super excited in the product demonstration. The frozen pops received a warm welcome and impressed the members with their divine taste.

Robert Fraijo was well prepared to get the Veggie popsicles Shark Tank contract and offered 15% shares in the business for $75000. According to Robert Fraijo, six units of pops costs $1.10, while they were selling it to the wholesalers for $2.25 each pack. Fraijo’s had their product spread over 160 Sprouts Farmer Markets locations and managed to capture net sales of $30,000 in just a few weeks. The Sharks didn’t come to a common opinion and had typical queries regarding Veggie Mama Sales and background.

Robert Herjavec enquired about the production capacity, while Mark was interested in the investments made, and even Barbara was perturbed with the invested amount of $140,000. Kevin offered $75,000 for a royalty of 50 cents, which would later come down to 25 cents after initial investment returns. Robert Herjavec was ready to provide $150,000 only if Robert Fraijo agreed to join full time in the firm, but he asked for 25 equity shares in return.

All of a sudden, Lori interfered, and her initial bid was $75000 for 20%, but later joined hands with Herjavec in his offer of $150,000 for 25% with 20 cents royalty. Kevin modified his proposal similar to Robert Herjavec of $150,000 but with his preset royalty instead of shares.

Mark was a bit annoyed with Fraijo’s reaction of rejecting every offer, but Barbara came in and advised them to think again all over again. Since Robert & Theresa were not willing to give away any royalties, now it was Barbara’s chance. She clubbed with Mark to propose a partnership deal together, which he accepted. Finally, Robert & Theresa agreed to receive Mark &barbara’s offer of &75,000 for 20% equity without any royalty in Veggie Mama Pops.

Veggie Mama Shark Tank Update 2015

According to the Veggie Mama Shark Tank update 2015, the organization has gone through many changes in these years. It includes the Veggie Mama’s company logo along with some addition & elimination of products. The new range of products includes supplements and cleansing items, which they promote as “the same health ideals and values we had pleaded to provide when we originally launched Veggie Mama.” The conventional claims with the new range, like healthy, energetic, and detoxifying abilities, are taken well by the customers. Unfortunately, the famous Veggie popsicles Shark Tank or the Garden Pops are no more on the listings. Instead, the whole formula of the item is made available on the website for its fans.

Veggie Mama Net Worth

The Veggie Mama net worth has increased since they approached Shark Tank and bagged the deal in 2005. The Veggie Mama’s annual revenue generated this year is $56,00,000, with a growth rate of 7.7%. Even without spending much over brand promotion on social media, Veggie Mama saleshave constantly been rising. They are successfully surviving the competition of the nutritional supplements market.

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